About the Truck

CPN Science Truck is a mobile laboratory, classroom and exhibition space made locally, in Serbia. It is designed to reach all parts of Serbia and make science closer to everyone through various programs and workshops.

CPN Science Truck can organize a few day program in every town. This program consists of different contents for individual students, organized groups and everyone else showing interest in science.

Science Truck consists of a mobile construction that is a working station and, at the same time, interactive exhibit, which sparks curiosity and interest in science. It provides electricity sockets, water and Internet, has audio and video equipment and ability to broadcast live.

Thanks to the Science Truck, mobile infrastructure designed to promote science, CPN fulfills its main goal and mission – to make knowledge in the 21st century accessible to everyone in all parts of Republic of Serbia.

Reach: Republic of Serbia territory
Target group: all citizens
Length: 16,5 m / 18,5 m
Height: 4 m / 6,5 m
Width: 2,5 m / 8,5 m
Surface: 120 m2
Weight: 30 t