CERN in Serbia

CERN in Serbia

The Center for the Promotion of Science and the Commission for the Cooperation with CERN together organized the interactive exhibition “CERN in Serbia”, that was opened from 19th October till November 7th.

After the big success of the manifestation “Days of the Future: Robotics” that lasted for three weeks, was visited by more than 150 000 people, and also had huge media coverage, the Center for the Promotion of Science and the Commission for the Cooperation with CERN have organized the manifestation “CERN in Belgrade” that has been dedicated to the research work of the European Organization for Nuclear Research as well known by its acronym CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche nucleaire).

Under the auspices of CERN and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology this exhibition represents the latest developments at the largest world research institution, the instruments, detectors and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the accelerator that helped prove the existence of the Higgs boson as well as other key issues in modern physics.

The exhibition opened at the Gallery of the Department Store “Belgrade”, at Knez Mihailova St. 5, where the Center for the Promotion of Science only during 2012 has organized the extremely popular manifestation “May Month of Mathematics” and the above-mentioned “Robotics” manifestation. The exhibits simultaneously represent both CERN researches and the long-term participation of more than 30 Serbian scientists who work in at this organization.

The Director General of CERN Rolf-Dieter Heuer and the Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technology Zarko Obradovic, officially opened the manifestation on October 19th. The exhibition is open for public until November 7th, and it will be open every day, except Mondays. The working hours are from 11 am to 9 pm. Entrance is free of charge.


During the exhibition special programs have been organized. In cooperation with the Physics Institute in Belgrade, a series of popular lectures are going to be held on the topic of the particles as well as three panel discussions that will answer questions about the limits of contemporary science, about how CERN awakens the imagination of millions of people and about the practical work of this institution.

In addition to this, in cooperation with the Physics Faculty at the University of Belgrade, popular demonstrations of physics experiments are going to be performed by undergraduate and PHD students at the Faculty of Physics and by the demonstrators of the Center for the Promotion of Science.


The occasion for the exhibition “CERN in Serbia” are the new discoveries in elementary particles in physics that have aroused great interest in the general public around the world. This has been confirmed at the Higgins Boson Forum that was organized by CPN in July this year.

The additional motivation for this exhibition was the membership of Serbia in CERN. On January 11th 2012, Serbian representatives signed an agreement by which Serbia became an associate member at CERN, what will lead to full membership. Visitors of the exhibition can find out not only about the current issues in contemporary physics but also learn what this membership means for Serbia.




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