CPN in Zaječar

CPN in Zaječar

CPN’s portable planetarium visited Zaječar, where 500 participants enjoyed astronomy[:]

Centar Zajecara

CPN’s mobile planetarium visited Zaječar, on May 29 and 30, on ”Hajduk Veljko” elementary school’s initiative. Under the dome of the planetarium, more than 500 elementary school students had a chance to find out a little more about astronomy.

The planetarium was set up in Veliki Izvor (a small place near Zaječar). During the first few days, it was visited by elementary school students from the places nearby, and the second day, the lectures were reserved for the guests from ”Hajduk Veljko” elementary school that organized the event.

The event attracted a lot of people, and left students wanting to see more, so CPN and Zaječar made it their mutual desire and a plan to repeat everything next year.

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