CPN and Neurosurgeons

CPN and Neurosurgeons

The first Southeast European Neurosurgical Congress held in Belgrade[:]

Southeast European Neurosurgeons Congress (Southeast European Neurosurgical Society – SeENS), was organized at the Metropol Palace hotel in Belgrade from October 3 to November 2, 2013.

The main activity of Southeast European Neurosurgical Society is to organize annual gatherings – first of which was held in Belgrade. These gatherings represent an excellent opportunity for neurosurgeons of the region to share their experiences and expertise.

The participants of the congress were top experts in the field of neurological surgery. This is a great opportunity for them to exchange knowledge and know-how.

Center for the Promotion of Science tends to follow scientific trends and to give latest information from the field of medicine to citizens, who have expressed great interest for this field lately. Participating at the Southeast European Neurosurgeons Congress, CPN announced its further activities related to neuroscience.

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