CPN at the Science Festival

CPN at the Science Festival

CPN participated and financially supported the 7th Science Festival from December 5 to December 8[:]

The 7th Science Festival was opened on Thursday, December 5, in the building of the former Robna kuća Kluz, and took part till December 8. Besides the new location, festival venues were also Student Cultural Center, Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia and the new space in Kralja Milana Street 1.

The Center for Promotion of Science financially supported the festival as one of 83 projects for popularization and promotion of science chosen through the Public Competition in the year 2013. CPN supported and participated in this event also in previous years.

CPN presented the exhibition “Year of Water – One Drop of Science”, which was located on the ground floor of the Robna kuća Kluz and was dedicated to the official Year of Cooperation in the field of Waters.

The visitors of the CPN stand were thrilled by the exhibit with the soap foam, which attracted visitors of all ages.

This year’s Festival of Science was organized under the slogan “Superheroes of Science”. Its spokespersons were young scientists who make the world a better place using their knowledge and persistance in changing the world into better place. More than 550 young scientists from 52 institutions with the guests from Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands, France and Croatia encouraged many young people for choosing their careers in science.

Besides interactions and making friends with superheroes, the festival presented many known and unknown living creatures and biological show programs, discovering many secrets from the field agriculture and biology. As it was announced by the organizers,more than 31,000 people visited the festival.

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