Panel on Moral

Panel on Moral

The panel ”Ethical Improvement and Freedom” was held at the Ozone Gallery, on Friday, October 29, at 6pm[:]

The panel ”Ethical Improvement and Freedom”, organized by CPN and the Cambridge Work Group for Bioethical Education in Serbia (Centre for Bioethical Studies), gathered some of the most eminent Serbian bioethicists.

One of the most important issues of bioethics- the possibility of ethical improvement of people using bioethical tools, was the topic of the discussion, which involved experts in the field of bioethics, Rambo Amadeus, musician, and numerous audience.

Will it become possible, in the near future, to advance humans by using drugs or surgery? The panelist answered tried to answer this question, and they also discussed the issue of freedom of choice when it comes to ethical ”improvement”.


Prof. PhD Vojin Rakić, Director at the Center for Bioethical Studies

Prof. PhD Aleksandar Damjanović, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade

Rambo Amadeus, Musician

The panel was moderated by Dubravka Vejnović, Expert Consultant at CPN, and Member of Cambridge Work Group for Bioethical Education in Serbia.

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