CPN in Copenhagen

CPN in Copenhagen

 Jelena Glišić, the First Belgrade Gymnasium student, won a ”Lundbeck” Foundation prize, at this year’s European Student Parliament.


The Delegation’s stay in Copenhagen, organized by the CPN, ended with a great success. Among a hundred students, from 20 European countries, Jelena Glišić, the First Belgrade Gymnasium student, won the ”Lundbeck” Foundation prize.

She was given the prize for the presentation ”European Student Parliament: An effective Informal Learning Format”, which she presented at the EuroScience Open Forum Conference. She is the only high school student to win the prize, so it represents a great success for the Serbian Delegation at the EuroScience Open Forum.


The organizer of the European Student Parliament project in Serbia is CPN. The representatives of Serbia were chosen during the Student Parliament, which lasted from November 8 -10 2013 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Besides Jelena Glišić, Serbia was also represented by the following Belgrade Gymnasiums’ students: Sofija Jovanović, Bogdan Radičević, Lazar Budić and Vanja Gođevac. 

Over 2000 students from across the Europe took part in the project, and various debates were held regarding all the aspects of the following topic ”The Future of our City”. The finale of the project took place in Copenhagen, during the EuroScience Open Forum Conference.

After acheiving success, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Srđan Verbić, hosted the Serbian Delegation in his office, on Monday, June 30.


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Photographed byChristof Rieken

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