CPN in Niš

CPN in Niš

CPN supported, yet again, one of this biggest Science Festivals in South-Eastern Serbia, titled ”Science is not scary”[:]


This year’s, sixth in a row, Science Festival, titled ”Science is not scary”, was held at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, in Niš, and it lasted from March 28-29, 2014. The Festival was opened by the Mayor of Niš, PhD. Zoran Perišić, a former student of a Gymnasium, which was one of the main event organizers. The festival was supported by CPN, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Niš School Department, SANU and Niš University.


The participants on the festival were: 11 elementary, 15 high schools, and 21 higher education institutions. CPN presented its portable planetarium and its exhibit ”Foam Balloon”, and the display has been seen by 500 pupils from across the area. The science festival is held every year in Niš.

The festival was first initiated by Marija Stanojević, a high school student at the time, attending a special mathematical department for gifted students at ”Svetozar Marković” high school. Her suggestion was that her school should start organizing a science festival, like the one held in Belgrade. The school was the host of the first festival, but than which then developed and was moved to a Military Hall.

It was also extended to a two-days period. The fourth and the fifth festival were held at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, and they marked a total number of more than 18000 visitors. The festival organizers were pleased to announce that this year’s attendance broke the last year’s record.


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