CPN in Senta

CPN in Senta

CPN visited Senta, second time in two years.[:]


CPN visited Senta, as a part of its customary support to science festivals across the country and the region. ”Science Path” is a festival which is on its way to becoming a tradition, and this is the second time it has been held in this town in Vojvodina.

”Science Path” was launched in 2013 as a cooperative initiative of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources and the Gardeners’ Affiliation from Senta, with the goal to make science popularization a tradition.

The program is a extension of a long-standing successful event in Hungary, named ”Bridge of the Future”. The main supporter of the event is Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, and the eminent partner is Center for the Promotion of Science.

Unlike last year, when CPN presented its interactive displays in the field of physics, and the mathematical exhibition, this year CPN brought a mobile planetarium to Senta, as well as workshops and scientific demonstrations in chemistry and biology.

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