CPN organizes a pannel on UFO

CPN organizes a pannel on UFO

Extraordinary number of visitors at the CPN panel “Where are the Extraterrestrials” at the SKC Big Room on Wednesday, September 11[:]


The new, autumn season of traditional Wednesday panels organized by CPN was opened with the famous Fermi’s question: “Where is everyone?”

The panel was organized on Wedensday, September 11, at 7 p.m. at SKC Big Room. It was announced by several media and through social networks, with the emphasize on “misterious” guest, who talked during the panel with Marija Nikolic from CPN.

The panel was organized in cooperation of CPN and Student Cultural Center. Smiljka Grbic from SKC assisted in the organization of this event.

The main topic of the panel attracted more than 250 visitors, which has been the record in the last few months.

The participants at the panel were Branislav Vukotic, astronomer from the Astronomic Observatory in Belgrade, Voja Antonic, science fiction writer and free constructor, as well as Miroslav Kostic from the “UFO Serbia” Association.

The moderator of the panel was Slobodan Bubnjevic from CPN.

Since only few astronomers in our country are interested in this topic, which is usually considered as a misconception, this panel was the first popular science event which handled this topic from the scientific perspective.

The participants discussed the idea of extraterrestrial intelligence, astrobiology and SETI project, as well as the stories about UFO, list of personal testimonials and relevance of these testimonials. The short insert of the TV show “Universe” by Carl Segan was also presented to the audience.


The biggest excitement was the visit of the special guest, who turned out to be – “extraterrestrial”. After certain waiting, the audinece greeted him with ovations. He gave the short interview in front of the audience at SKC.


The actor Nikola Vujovic played the role of the extratrrestrial. In this short play written by Slobodan Bubnjevic, Marija Nikolic played the role of the moderator who interviewed the extraterrestrial.




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