Implementing Creative Strategies to Inquiry Based Science Teaching[:]

Project facts:

Start/End date:

11/2013 – 10/2015


24 months



Haugesund University College, Norway

  • Haugesund University College, Norway
  • Elinogermaniki Agogi, Greece
  • Exeter University, United Kingdom
  • Science View, Greece
  • Forma Scienza, Italy
  • RESEO, Belgium
  • Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia

Project description:

CREATIT will establish a European school network for elaborating in service trainings to science teachers in which they will be trained on how to integrate arts, music and social media tools in the Inquiry Based Science Education. Mobility activities and distance teachers’ courses via the CREATIT web platform will take place, whereas European teachers in the participating countries will explore the CREATIT pedagogy integrating new forms of activities and learning resources into their lessons.

CREATIT will enable science teachers to change the way children learn science, by creating Innovative learning scenarios and incorporating them in their courses, resources and activities from art, music and technology based on a specific pedagogical model specifically developed for IBSE. With CREATIT science teachers will participate in trainings and distant courses exchanging this way experiences and good practices via the CREATIT platform. Their familiarization with social media tools will enhance their digital competencies.

The main project objectives include:

  1. To make a holistic research of combining creative approaches to inquiry based science teaching integrating also social media tools.
  2. To propose a workable pedagogical methodology for designing, communicating and representing creative Inquiry Based Science Education approaches in schools in science education.
  3. To design and develop digital training material and web platform for teachers’ trainings’, so as to utilize the outcomes of the proposed methodology afterwards in their classrooms.
  4. To implement a widespread training approach for teachers, facilitating intake of creative Inquiry Based Science Education practices in schools.
  5. To provide guidelines towards the continued communication and exploitation of results by the education community.
  6. To systematically validate the CREATIT approach.

The Center for the Promotion of Science is the leader of Work Package 6 – Evaluation and Quality Assurance (QA).

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