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A special part of the programme, maintained and fostered by the CPN from the very beginning, are interactive school workshops. These workshops are organized each month on the premises of the Science Club and at the Makers Space, for elementary and secondary school students; since 2017, special workshops for preschoolers have been also organized once a week.

During the workshops, the lecturer introduces the participants to the popular science topic of the day, and the participants have the opportunity, with the lecturer’s help, to try out the technology themselves, perform experiments, or use the acquired knowledge and do something with their own hands. This type of work gives children the opportunity to cooperate, think and find new, creative solutions, facilitates learning and their understanding of various scientific fields, simplifies access to scientific topics, and dispels prejudice about “difficult” sciences.

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Registration for the workshops is performed by the teachers on a monthly schedule and participation is completely free. During 2018 alone, over 180 school and preschool workshops were held, bringing together more than 3000 kids.