Robots in Belgrade

Robots in Belgrade

More than 150 000 people visited the big robotics exhibition that was organized by CPN and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from September 24th to October 15th

How far in the future are we? With the hope of answering this question, the Center for the Promotion of Science, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, organized the first popular science festival dedicated entirely to robots.

Titled “Days of the Future: Robotics”, this manifestation was held from September 24th to October 15th, 2012. At a central location, the Gallery of the Department Store “Belgrade”, Knez Mihailova St. 5, visitors could see more than 25 different robots from all around the world.

More that 150 000 people visited the exhibition during three weeks it was opened. The exhibition, as well as the additional programs, attracted exceptional attention of the domestic audience.

More than 250 articles, radio and TV reports were published, robotics innovators were guests at the most popular programs in the national media and articles, reports and even columns were written about robots.

ASIMO robot was the one who attracted the most attention from the media and the public. His show at the “Ilija M. Kolarac” Endowment was seen by more than 10 000 excited people, mostly children.

Together with this robot, Europeans ECCE robot visited Belgrade as well. 25 more robots were displayed at the exhibition space at the Gallery.

Other eminent guests including Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Japan, Professor Owen Holland from Great Britain and Professor Rolf Pfeifer from Switzerland visited Belgrade during the exhibition


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