CPN in the Wood of Knowledge

CPN in the Wood of Knowledge

CPN opened the exhibition “Wood of Knowledge”[:]


The interactive exhibition “Wood of knowledge” was opened yesterday evening, on December 17, at Robna kuća Beograd, Knez Mihajlova Street 5 in Belgrade.

The organizers of this exhibition are the Center for the Promotion of Science and the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade. They reconstructed the real wood eco-system in the center of the capital.

The speakers at the opening ceremony were Aleksandra Drecun, CPN Director, and dr Milan Medarevic, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry. They talked about rational use of natural resources and emphasized that only few centuries ago there were thick forests on the spot where today’s capitol and exhibition venue are.

Besides rich and colorful flora and fauna, partly from our country, partly from remote parts of the world, there are also 13 scientific ideas which changed the world to be found in the “Wood of Knowledge”. These ideas are located in the wood, hidden between trees and animals, representing the metaphor of process of discovery while walking through the wood.

The ideas are those which inspired new sciences and represent technological paradigm and new ways of thinking. The list with 13 topics was created by monitoring of 12 different lists published by leading popular science magazines – CPN selected the 13 most important ones for the modern world according to influental contemporary thinkers and based on frequency of appeareance of these ideas.

The exhibition is interactive and fun for the people of different age. The exhibition will take place till the end of the year, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The entrance is free.



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