Panel on Cyrillic

Panel on Cyrillic

With the support from CPN, on January 27, RNIDS (National Internet Domain Registry) marked two years since establishing the Cyrillic Internet domain[:]

CPN and RNIDS marked the two-year existence of the Cyrillic Internet Domain by organizing the panel: ”Cyrillic and Internet”, on Monday, January 27, at 1pm. The panel was held at Knez Mihailova Street, 5, the same place that hosted the exhibition ”The Forest of Knowledge” last week.

Despite the cold weather, the topic attracted a lot of people, both the media and the public. The visitors were also able to see the exhibition ”The Forest of knowledge”, which was still open to all the Club’s visitors even tough it ended recently.

The topic at the panel was the Cyrillic as a global phenomenon, as well as it use on the Internet. The discussion covered some of the aspects of its use in virtual communication, both in Serbia and across the world.

The panelists even presented some Internet projects in Cyrillic, such as the portal: ”Knjiženstvo” and the digitization of the cultural heritage. They also focused on the history of the Cyril Internet domain in Serbia and the technical challenges they are facing as well as the possible solutions.

RNIDS representatives pointed out the fact that the number of websites using the Cyrillic domain has reached 5000, but it started declining soon afterwards. The panelist discussed different ways that could increase the use of  .срб domain.


  • Prof. PhD Biljana Dojčinović, Professor at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, and the Head of the project ”Knjiženstvo”
  • PhD Žarko Mijajlović, Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade
  • Werner Staub, co-owner of Axone Services & Développement SA (Switzerland), Board member at CORE Association (domains .сайт и .онлайн)
  • Milenko Vasić, IT Journalist
  • Dušan Stojičević, Душан Стојичевић, the Head of the Board at RNIDS

The panel was moderated by Tamara Vučenović, journalist and editor of ”Digital Icon” radio show, at Radio Begrad 2.

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