Eccerobot in Serbia

Eccerobot in Serbia

The unusual robot that copies humans intern structure, like the bones, muscles and tendons, has been a guest of the big robotics exhibition for two days

The unusual ECCEROBOT (Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered Robot) visited Belgrade on October 1st and 2nd.

ECCEROBOT is known as an organic machine as well. It has been constructed so it can move and react to the outside world just as a human does. Its appearance is a copy of a human, and it’s a bit frightening, with a skinless body while on its surface one can clearly notice its muscles, tendons and bones, or to be precise, the copy of the human parts. Because of its strange appearance and specific attitudes – for example, to gently shake hands with a human – the ECCEROBOT has even been on the cover of many world known magazines in the last years. This robot has been designed to help humans on everyday tasks and has the ability to interact with humans in a way that is known to people.

ECCEROBOT is a European robot. The European Commission has financed its development, and European scientists, among which were robotic innovators from Belgrade, have worked on its development.

The research group ETF Robotics, that has been formed by undergraduate, Masters and PHD students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade and that is led by Professor Veljko Potkonjak, took part at the European FP7 project titled ECCEROBOT whose purpose was to create a unique antropomimetic robot.

This way, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering became a partner on this project with prestigious European academic institutions: University of Sussex, the Technical University of Munich, the Zurich University and the French company TPC.

ECCEROBOT amused and fascinated visitors for two days at the Gallery of the Department Store “Belgrade” in Knez Mihailova St. 5. Its interaction with visitors and its specific humanlike movements captured the attention of people. Visitors could find out all the details regarding the robots intelligence, the way it was constructed, its capabilities and other details directly from its developers who were present during the exhibition.


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