CPN’s portal Elementarium, ranked as the best in the category of Science and Education as well as the best web page using .rs domain[:]


Popular science portal Elementarium, awarded as the best in the category of Science and Education, among 50 of the chosen web pages in Serbia, in 2013. Moreover, Elementarium was also recognized as the best web page using the .rs domain.

WEB TOP 50 is a contest that chooses the best local web page in ten categories.

This is an important Internet media recognition, focusing mainly on interesting and quality scientific content, as well as on its appealing design and structure.

It has been stated that Elementarium has a certain way of dealing with topics in fields of astronomy, quantum physics, biology, neurosurgery, genetics, as well as, social sciences, linguistics, architecture and new technologies.

This is the second time CPN found itself on the list. In 2011, cpn.rs was also one of the award winning web pages. 


Elementarium is the most visited CPN’s web page. Copyeditors of Elementarium have announced a pending redesign of the popular portal, which will enhance its functionality and allow better search engines and additional content. Consequently, the number of authors and new topics is rising, and the new portal is expected to be finished by spring 2014.

CPN’s popular science portal, Elementarium, deals with various scientific topics that raise public’s interest.

Using articles and science graphics, Elementarium provides insight into scientific phenomena, such as: seasonal changes, genetically modified organisms, calendar, aging, meteorological occurrences, dark matter, the northern lights, etc.

Elementarium strives to keep up with all the trends of the future and raise public’s awareness about the alternative energy resources, transhumanism, and of course, the search for the planets outside the Solar system, where there is a possibility of colonization. The popular science portal, Elementarium, is a place that provides the clear answers to many questions of modern science.

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