Karel Capek’s R.U.R.

Karel Capek’s R.U.R.

The Center for the Promotion of Science has published Karel Capek’s iconic “R.U.R” in honor of the “Days of the Future”

The term robot was first used in the drama of the Czech author Karel Capek “R.U.R.” that was published in 1920.

Capek’s drama gained worldwide popularity and Rossum’s Universal Robots (the acronym RUR originates from there) have been translated into 30 different languages and have been played in many theaters and screened in several movies.

Now, on the occasion of the “Days of Future” the Center for the Promotion of Science has published this iconic book in which the term robot replaces the, up to that day, generally used word android.

On Saturday, October 6th at 7 pm, a panel discussion “Karel Capek’s RUR and Robots in Sci Fi”.  The renowned Astrophysics, Translator and Science Communicator Milan M. Cirkovic from the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade; Sebastian Adanko, Author from the Society of Sci Fi enthusiasts “Lazar Komarcic” and the Priest Vukasin Milicevic, Theologian and Editor of “Slovo Ljubve” took part at the panel discussion.

The moderator was Dobrivoje Eric, Editor of Publishing at the Center for the Promotion of Science.

At the panel discussion the topic were Capek and his book “R.u.R.”, but at the same time the role and the importance of Sci Fi today were discussed as well.

The Center’s publication is the first independent publication of this book in Serbo-Croatian language. Before this publication, in the times of the Yugoslav Sci Fi peak, RUR was published as fanzines and proceedings.

The book can be purchased at the big Robotics exhibition and in all major bookstores.

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