Spherical Projection Theatre


The Planetarium is a spherical cinema projecting images of the starry sky and innumerable spectacular objects we can observe in our universe, thus creating an irreplaceable educational experience.

The CPN Mobile Planetarium began its traveling programme in February 2013. During its first year alone, the Planetarium has toured 27 cities and received over 20,000 visitors. In addition to cities in Serbia, in recent years the Planetarium has also visited countries in the region.

Find out more about how to get the Planetarium to visit your school on the CPN Planetarium website.


Projections at the Mobile Planetarium are a unique opportunity to expand knowledge in the field of natural sciences, both for students and teachers; they are an extremely interesting and attractive way to learn more about astronomy and related sciences.


The Mobile Planetarium programme includes 5 units, each lasting one hour. They consist of planetarium projections conducted by expert lecturers, as well as attractive film screenings. In one day, 250 visitors can attend the programme.