CPN Panel Science and Industry

CPN Panel Science and Industry

SANU Gallery of Sciences and Technology hosted a CPN panel titled: ” Science and Industry”, as a part of the exhibition ”IMpossible Design”[:]


Despite the fact that many developed countries owe their success to science, there has always been a lack of innovations in Serbia, and not even the industry is competitive enough. That is why the correlation between science and industry is one of the most challenging issues to the Serbian scientific community, its policymakers, the media and the industry itself.

What is the best way to motivate entrepreneurs to invest in research, and scientists to develop appliances that can be competitive enough on the market?

On Thursday, March 13, CPN organized a panel that addressed those exact issues, themed ”Correlation between science and industry”. The panel was part of the ”IMpossible Design” exhibition, held at SANU Gallery of Science and Technology.


The panel featured Stevan Pilipovć, Faculty of Mathematics from Novi Sad, Dragan Škorić, Faculty of Agriculture from Novi Sad, and Dragan Bogojević, Ph.D., Institute of Physics, Belgrade.

Unlike other CPN events, the panel did not draw a large crowd, but it did include an interesting and productive discussion that raised many important subjects. The lecturers presented a number of recent initiatives, giving a few directives on how to enhance the relationship between science and industry.

Not long ago, the Faculty of Mathematics in Novi Sad, hosted a workshop where they gathered the industry representatives, academy researchers and scholars from across the world. Last year they presented a platform for re-industrializing Serbia, but they also offered other solutions. In the meantime, Serbia’s membership in CERN allowed it the opportunity to further incorporate industry in science, but this chance has not been used as much as it should have in the last two years.


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